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  • LN WHITE HOUSE HOTEL to celebrate the on-line site!
  •  LN WHITE HOUSE HOTEL is located near the beautifulPearl is the center of the businessdistrict.  lts far from airport about 30 KM, farfromrailway station  5 KM.,Metro cultural park station(line 6) export A,walk about 5 minutes.

  • The White House Hotel is Guangzhou Lingnan International Group, a two-star state-owned enterprises
  • BaiGong Hotel, Guangzhou city is located in the beautiful bank of the Pearl River, is located in the bustling commercial and Trade Center District, near the Hotel Guangzhou famous leisure shopping place: and nine road shopping pedestrian street, thirteen clothing wholesale city, Yide Road Commercial Street seafood, toy boutique wholesale city, Zhuangyuanfang boutique Street,Long Mention bar street, Shamian Street  etc